Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I saw this on "The Lark" Blog and had to do it myself.

Google "Unfortunately, Nicki" only insert your own name and see what comes up.
You have to use the quote marks.
Here is my list

Unfortunately, Nicki blew her engine and did not get to compete; however, she did get to give the command to “start your engines”.

Unfortunately, Nicki was the first to discover that Robert Henderson was not quite the charmer he appeared to be.

Unfortunately, Nicki has suffered a recent near-death experience and, upon her return to the mortal plane, discovers that she's acquired a somewhat ...

Unfortunately, Nicki could not attend. Instead, she sent me as the proxy slam master to represent her (which I will go on record as saying is a very tough ...

Unfortunately, Nicki did not like how close we were to them. They were a bit too loud for her and she wanted me to "turn off the fireworks". ...

Unfortunately, Nicki really got under Andy's skin and he still thinks about her, even three years later

Unfortunately Nicki is a sicky lady so she couldn't go surfing abooo. ...

Unfortunately Nicki can’t talk and let us know if she would welcome giving up her role as the sole queen of the house in order to gain the companionship of ...

Unfortunately, nicki has decided to un-toilet train himself.

Unfortunately, Nicki is real.

Ha! The last 3 are my favorites!

Twisted Tuesday

What was on the wheel today?
50%Colonial Wool/50% Bamboo
From my previous post.. this was my first hand carded bats.

Purple (Colonial) & White (Bamboo)

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pluckyfluff - Handspun Revolution

I ordered this book last weekend and got it on Saturday.
It's a simple read.

Soon I will be making
Yarn ART!

Our Primary Colors are One, Two, Three....


Rosemary, Cilantro & Lavender
Darn stinking cute pots from WM!

Super Sample Sale SATURDAY!!

Ok so the picture in the middle below is ALL the stuff I got.
ALL the outer pictures are JUST the
Tim Holtz
Check him out... he is a doll.
Anyway we carry his Scrapbooking stuff at M's and Saturdays Sample Sale was a
HUGE Score!

Grunge Board/Plain, Alphabets, Flourishes
Sprocket Gears
Muse Tokens
Philosophy Tags
Hitch Fasteners
Texture Hammers
Sanding Grip
Word Keys
Trinket Pins
Swivel Clasps
Adage Tickets

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I also got TONS of paper, a few rugged frames and some small things like scissors, glue, iron on adhesive and stick on ruler tape!
Fun Day and for only 30 bucks.
PS. 3 of the Tim Holtz items would easily add up to 30 bucks!

Fiber Friday

What's on the wheel?
The purple, Ashland Bay, Merino Wool.
What is recently off the wheel?
The gray, Ashland Bay Merino Wool

Setting the twist (above). Yes the jar of sauce fell.. a few times and didn't break! Then it fell again, didn't break, or so I thought. I carried it to the kitchen and realized the seal was broken... I played with the button that was now undone and that forced a piece of glass loose and now I have RED Spaghetti Sauce Stained carpet in my dining room! Time to call Mike...
(Next time I won't use a weight that is breakable!)

Close up of the yarn.
Two hanks.
1 @ 78 Yards
1 @ 80 Yards

Currently on the bobbins...

I have to take it off soon so I can spin the Batts I just carded (below).

50% Colonial Wool & 50% Bamboo

It is a dark Purple Colonial Wool and the White is Bamboo.... a little more Bamboo than I think I really want in a blend but this was the first time so I will see how it goes... I just might like it!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Custom Kitchen Aid

We have a brand new Market Street grocery store in Coppell and I was browsing their "gift" section and found these.
Don't you just LOVE them?

Fiber Frenzie

Some of the fiber I purchased this weekend and last.
I think I am going to spin up the black & white next.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday is a special day....

It's the day we buy fiber and spin it!Merino (above)

Merino & Tencel (the solid orange on the left). The Merino from above photo spun up on the spool. I plyed them together and it is the second from the bottom in the last photo.

The above ball of yarn is the outside of the picture below.
Yes, they look totally different :)

I took this photo when I was in the middle of winding the ball so this is the beauty inside!

It's 12:30pm and tonight that means it is really 1:30am Sunday MORNING!!!
UGH I have got to get to bed...
but not before I show you what I spun up tonight.This is the "yarn ball tower" of everything I spun up tonight.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who goes there?

This is my desk.
well, part of it....

Yesterday I was working and looked up to find this little guy staring at me.

We are always finding quirky little things in the office and often present
them at/to one another.
I left Sylvia a handful of really ugly feathers on sticks in an
flower arrangement at her desk.

She decided to leave me a little gift.


A place we should not have been...

Have you ever gone somewhere and
you did not belong and were not really all that welcome?

This past Saturday Brian and I went to a little town (which shall remain nameless) not far from where he lives. We completed our task/shopping/adventure and needed nourishment.
We inquired as to a "good B-B-Q joint" and were promptly directed to .....
It was prefaced by
"It looks like a shack but is suppose to be the best B-B-Q in the state of TEXAS!"

followed by....
"I have never been there...."

We decided to "go there"

We were totally game ... and hungry.

We knew from the moment we walked in the door that we had no business being there!

We enjoyed our meal... nothing to rave about ...and left quickly.

I personally like Dad's B-B-Q

You spin me right round baby, right round... like a record baby....