Saturday, June 9, 2007

Post #3... Order Up!

I know, I know, I know... this is my 3rd Post today but I had to separate the first two and this was not going to wait! I got the Pampered Chef order in! They were soooooo fast! We closed the show Wednesday night and today ... Saturday! I got the order. Ground Fed-Ex is soooo not like normal "ground" packages... at least for Pampered Chef! On to the goodies....

Sorting the orders...

The orders all bagged up!


  • Large Round Pizza Stone and Rack (on the far left)
  • Large Rectangle Baking Stone
  • Large Measuring Bowl (back left corner)
  • Large Measuring Scoop (front left corner)
  • Rosemary and Lemon Soap (top right corner)
  • Veggie Peeler (bottom right)
  • Stone Scrapers (2, small brown squares on stones)
  • Silicone Basting Brush (on top of lg measuring bowl)
  • Flour/Sugar Sifter (smack in the middle)
  • BBQ Basting Brush (still in pkg. on pizza stone)

I was very methodical about what I bought. I got a new veggie peeler because mine is rusted and nasty :P Everything else was purchased because I am a Baker and less of a Cook. I like to do both but maybe I bake because I like to eat those foods better than the ones you use when you "cook"... who knows! I just like to make and eat cookies. :)

Post #2 ...after the meeting.

Budweiser Clydesdale's!

I'm not sure why they were at the morning meeting but they say K-Mart had 2 at their morning meeting .... and Target had 4 at their morning meeting.

Wal-Mart had all 8 and the coach.... AND the Dalmatian!

I know your jealous!

yes... the K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart thing was a joke.


WM Morning Meeting 6-9-07

Anyone seen Spiderman 3 yet?
Does this Cowboy from Texas look familiar?
Well I haven't seen the movie yet... only the subway scene with our cowboy in it...

Well friends... for those of us who don't recognize him this is

Thomas Haden Church

AKA: Sandman in Spiderman, was in the movie Sideways (rated bad so most of you probably haven't seen it... me either), and once upon a time he was in the TV sitcom "Wings".

Does this help?

From Spiderman 3

OK now for the other fellas in the first picture. They are all related to sports in some way shape or form. The older man to the right of Thomas Church is Peyton Mannings father.... Peytons brother .... Ely is there too but hidden in the first pic and blurry in the next! (in the blue shirt below) Fun stuff. All these guys were at the morning meeting supporting a Wal-Mart golf tournament called First Tee which is designed for help create upstanding adults!

Go Wal-Mart!
Those of you who actually know sports will probably recognize others in the picture ... I just didn't take notes in the meeting! The tall guy on this end, next to the green shirt plays Basketball... others play golf and football.

So that was the majority of my morning.... be sure to check out the next blog entry because it is what I did after the morning meeting today! ...and in my opinion much cooler!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Free! good home

Can you say Free?
How about saying "at least the actual bar stools were free"!
This is my latest handy work. My coworker and I went shopping one day and I had been talking about wanting to buy some bar stools for my kitchen. She was getting rid of some old "yellow wood" looking basic bar stools and had them in the back of her vehicle. I took them and a short amount of time later.... Beautiful!
I sanded them down first to remove all the grime and finish. Then I spray painted them back.... Then I bought a palm sander... which I should have done the first time. Sanded the crud out of them and then used a stain/sealer on them which was called "Early American" by Minwax.... got it at Wal-Mart!!! Yes... My money is recycled. How is that for Sustainability? Ha Ha Ha... that is a totally seperate post to come at a later date! Moving on or rather back to the great stools!
Don't you love them?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Garage Sale Gem

Beauty is only skin deep.... or so they say.

I was doing a tiny bit 'O Garage Sale Shopping a few weeks ago and found what I think is amazing! I'm sure not everyone will feel the same way but I LOVE this gal.
She was one WHOLE dollar!
That's IT!
OK I know she is "Barb" and not Barbie but she is beautiful! her real name isn't Barb but that is her new name from me! I wish I knew more about this Knock-Off.... she is just like the original Barbie ... only in a red and white suit instead of black and white. I know, I know, I know... she isn't "just like" Barbie. I don't care. I love her. She makes me smile. Now to find the perfect spot for her to live and play in her "Barbie World"!


Pampered Chef Party

My friend Jerushia has become a Pampered Chef Consultant so I decided I would have a party. I went to one of her first parties and we had these great little wonton things... can't remember the name but they were Yummy. I decided I would have a party that focused on the
Baking Stones!

I made Fruit Pizza! Yummy!



We also made regular pizza during the show... my fruit pizza was just my attempt at overachieving. I would say I succeeded!

Here is one other pic from the tiny party I ended up having.

Using the dangerously sharp mandolin to slice the tomatoes for the veggie pizza.

All in all the party was a success... I have new fun cooking stuff coming soon!

More pics to follow.

Long time no blog... lots to post.

Ok so I haven't been here in a while and several of you have made comments to that effect. So... This is what I have been up to. Hopefully it will be in somewhat of the order it occured.

Can you say HULK MANIA? LOL This is a pretty bad picture of Hulk Hogan at one of the Saturday Morning Meetings I'm required to attend. I'm sure glad they are entertaining!

On to the Share Holders Meeting!!!! There were several "famous" people there... Sinbad, Anti-Gravity, Two of the kids from High School Musical, Jordin Sparks... her first performance since being Voted American Idol!! She was cute... sorry no pictures. And then for the grand finale...

Jennifer Lopez.... I don't get all star crazed but it was cool to see her.