Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday .... again!

Thank You Anne!
Anne got me further "started" on my Food Storage.
The box sat at the Apartment office for a while because either the FedEX man does not like me or the Texas wind blew away my little sticky note!
Either way I got it today!

6 Cans of Food (Oats, Pinto Beans, Wheat...possibly something else I can't remember)
Lids (for opened cans)
Water (or just the bottle for it..must store more than tiny bottle!)
Money! (ha!... Just the bottle to save it in)
Pamphlets, Basic Recipes

Isn't it great?
I love Practical Gifts!
Thanks again Anne, Scott & the gang!

My next task... figure out how to store water in my little apartment.
P.S. I am utilizing FreeCycle and passing on things I don't need
so I can make some room for

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was getting caught up on my Google Reader today and this was posted at the blog "Meet me at Mikes" ... not sure how I ever found the blog but it's fun. I thought this would annoy me and I decided to play it anyway.... seconds later I was grinning :)
It made me happy and I wanted to share.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

BTS, BBBS & Doodles...

I love "Back to School" season....
can you really call it a season?
Who cares?
I love new paper, pencils, notebooks and

For my family members this will bring back a flood of FHE memories....
What else did we hide for BBBS?
(Buckle, Buckle, Beanstalk)
Clothespins? blocks? matchbox cars?

Just a little dittie...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ahhhhh 11/21/08 *Twilight* the movie!

It is official!
The date has been moved up!!!!!

Michaels Sample Sale Loot

Here are some photos of things I got at the Sample Sale...
there is another Sample Sale next weekend!

PS- All this for ten bucks...
(one large shopping bag)
I added up the retail price for it and lets just say I paid 1/8 th the price.

Klutz books and refills... I will be mailing this to grandma soon
for something to do with the kids.

There were more stickers to the left in this picture
but I figured you could see enough in this one photo. Some of them will end up being given away especially since nobody in our family plays Hockey and I don't even like cats! :)

Paper! Packs of 25 and a stack... i will never need 25 of any one piece of paper. :)

Sketch books... I'm in love!

Brads, Brads and more Brads!!!! I took them all out of the boxes and put them in one jar...
So pretty!

....and eyelets I took out of the packages also and put in a jar. A recycled jar might I add, or rather re-purposed!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jenna Blair - SB page

Jenna Blair Scrapbook page... I got some pictures from KD and used some of the gemstone brads I got at the Michaels sample sale.

Be sure to click on the picture because it's not as blurry as it looks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Craft Guild of Dallas - fundraiser

Today the Craft Guild of Dallas was having a fundraiser/demonstration. It is only 6 miles from my house and they were doing pottery, precious metal clay, lamp working (making glass beads) and book binding.
I wanted to see the demonstrations so I went.
It was pretty busy.....
I found this little piece and decided to help them raise funds.
I know it's Sunday but I refuse to feel bad "breaking the Sabbath" by helping the Craft Guild raise money to update their equipment.
The vase stands almost 7" tall and I really like the texture.