Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is from www.craftster.org

If I knew how to link it I would so I had to just paste it here. Made me giggle!


Building a Meanie Army

I've been doodling around, using up some old quilt scraps that my mother keeps sending to my house. Dolls are just better angry I say! The more I make, the bigger the heads keep getting.

Don't they just make you laugh??? I love them...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Crap day...

Yes... today was a crap day and for that matter so was yesterday. Lets start with Saturday night because it wasn't a crap day.

Saturday - I signed up for a crop (an event where scrapbookers join in their creative efforts and "crop" their photos togethere... aka: scrapbooking) at Sign Sealed Delivered. I was on the waiting list and got a phone call on Thursday saying I was in if I wanted... I wanted. So I got to scrapbook for 7 hours! Had I not already had a hair appointment I would have had a few more hours but hey... 7 is good isn't it? so that night I got 5 pages done. What a feeling of accomplishment!

Sunday - Just flat out in a crappy mood... sick of the whole job hunt thing and sick of talking about it. I stayed for the majority of church and decided I couldn't stand to tell one more person that I KNOW NOTHING in regards to the job hunt. This might very well have been my last day in the Bella Vista Ward... I just don't know!!!!
For those of you who are in my ward and read this blog ...it's not personal. I'm just tired. After church I went home (to Stephanie and Mikes, who are sooooo generous and are letting me stay in their guest room) and took a two hour nap. I got up later, did laundry, dishes, took out the trash and made sure the house was all straightened up for their return.

Monday - aka: Crap Day! Got up, went to work... for what reason I do not know! All of my coworkers relocated their offices to the new building this past weekend....so today there were the remaining Product Development and Souring people scattered through the area.... a Ghost Town. We all started to move to one central location... dubbed the "Refuge Camp"

*Insert happy moment* not in the middle of the day mind you but this very moment. I was sitting here typing thinking it's to darn quiet. I opened a new tab on my browser and clicked on my blog link so I could listen to the music my sister puts on there for me. Thank you KD :) Ok so ..... Wouldn't you know it... one of my favorite songs started.

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship

Funny thing... who ever put it on the playlist thing (not KD) said it's Air Supply... NOT. I know Air Supply... My first music love! And this is not them...LOL
Ok back to the crappy day I started with.

Back to the Refugee Camp... I sat there as long as I could stand it... nothing to do, nothing really to talk about other than the job situation. So with that I left! I called home, cried, cried some more, went to Sign Sealed Delivered, purchased a few things, went home, gave Mike and Steph the job update, took a LONG freaking nap. I got up at 7, I think i laid down at 3:30 at the latest... didn't sleep right away but dang if I didn't need that huge nap. I woke up feeling much better.
No matter how I try to stay motivated and up-beat about the job hunt crap I'm still feeling physically tired of this crap.
Oh I forgot my one little funny on the drive home today. I'm staying out quite a ways from town so along my drive I pass cows, chicken buildings... ha! have no idea what to call them.. chicken houses? Anyways... I pass huge water towers, abandoned HUGE developments where the MONSTER fence or large brick entrance was built and nothing more.... And today I passed a DONKEY... yes a burrow, an Ass... Scratching his ear on a metal fence post! Made me giggle and put a smile on my face. I know it was a simple thing... silly... and made me laugh... which I so needed.
Ok now back to the events after my nap.. nothing to exciting. I went to WM, spent 80 bucks... I always have to remind myself when I do that .... that 35 of it is gas... ya know the lovely "buy a gift card, save 3 cents" thingy.... still makes me feel like I RECYCLE to dang much money at WM. Funny how they are all about Sustainability and saving the earth... I recycle... MY MONEY! ...at WM. Sad! Sad! Sad!
I need out...
So part of that 80 bucks included the movie JUNO.... so darn cute. I love her humor. I so get it.
While I watched Juno I did a scrapbook page of Andrew... black and white... he is of course closing his eyes in the picture. He is so funny... he sees a camera and closes his eyes because he doesn't like the flash. Gotta love it. That brings us to this moment... Now im sitting here on my bed, typing, listening to music and about to go to bed.
I have an internal job interview tomorrow.... can I say I really don't want the job? I want to stay in my chosen career field. Tomorrow I will of course act like I want the job.
At least that is how I feel today.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another feel good song...

Do you remember?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A joyous occasion.....MacBook

I decided it was time for a new computer.
I decided that my tax return was for me to spend.
I decided that my bonus was to pay off bills.
*Those are good decisions*

This is documentation of joining the Mac Family.

Bringing my baby home.

Opening my baby.
Unpacking my baby.

Baby's first picture.
Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!
Not a question... but an answer to an unasked question....

I would like to introduce you to
Blanche MacBook

Kinda like McSomething or another.... LOL

One Word Tuesday

From BlarneyGirls blog.... (look over there to the right for her link to read)

Below is my response...

One Word Tuesday!

1. Where is your cell phone? table
2.Who is your significant other? blank
3. Your hair? RED
4. Your mother? supportive
5. Your father? dependable
6.Your favorite thing? crafting
7. Your dream last night? forgotten
8. Your favorite drink? milk
9. Your dream/goal? celestial
10. The room you’re in? borrowed
11. Your fear? unemployment
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? married
13. Where were you last night? Wal-Mart
14. What you’re not? depressed
15. Muffins? YES
16. One of your wish list items? employment
17. Where you grew up? country
18. The last thing you did? telephone
19. What are you wearing? Loungewear
20. Your TV? storage
21. Your Pets? invisible
22. Your computer? MacBook :)
23. Your life? pleasant
24. Your mood? rejected
25. Missing someone? always
26. Your car? Corolla
27. Something you’re not wearing? jewelry
28. Favorite Store? Hobby Lobby
29. Your summer? HOT
30. Your favorite color? Silver
31. When is the last time you laughed? today
32. When is the last time you cried? 3/31/08
33. Where is the good life? hummmm....?

Ok I had fun doing this.... I did change the title to "One Word Tuesday" :)