Friday, May 23, 2008

My journey of 3 thousand miles...

Ok so I am totally guessing on the amount of miles... I actually think it was more but hey who kept track? Not I said Nicki.

Friday April 25th: So long, Fare well, ALF-viterzane
After an intense personal struggle I decided I would stop pursuing the Sr. Business Analyst position at Wal-Mart ISD. I was only continuing with this thought/job so I could feed myself and I knew it was the wrong thing for me to do. As of 4/25 I had my second interview with person # 5 at Michael's/agent and he was 70% comfortable with offering me the job I really wanted for Michael's craft store. "person #5" wanted me to drive down to Dallas nest Friday and meet face to face again... I was more than happy to oblige. :)

Saturday April 26th: Nicki packs up her cute little car and it is now known as the "closet on wheels" and heads to north Dallas to spend a week with Aunt Mayme and Uncle Denny. The truth be known..... They worked me hard out on the ranch. So I spent a week at Double Creek Ranch.

Friday May 2nd: Interview #3 with person #5 for the Michael's job. At the end of the interview person # 5 offered me the JOB!!!! Nicki is one happy camper ... even though she doesn't really camp. :)

Saturday May 3rd: Nicki and Aunt Mayme head back down to the BIG D to find and apartment. 5:59pm... lease signed!

Monday May 5th: Road Trip to Hot-lanta to see the family!

Tuesday May 13th: Road Trip back to Arkansas to pack up a U-Haul with all my junk and move to The BIG D!

Thursday May 15th: Head out of Arkansas in a MONSTER U-Haul with my car in tow!
That evening the men from my new ward unload my junk.
* Ever notice how when you move you tend to pack up what I will call "junk boxes" and they never get unpacked? Well this time they must get unpacked as I have no room in my 811 sq. ft. apartment to store it!

Thursday May 22nd: I'm sick of unpacking and I want to see my friends in Houston... I decide to pack my bags and hit the road again.

Friday May 23rd: Still in Houston, TX...
I should be starting my new job on Tuesday but haven't heard from them yet.... SIGH.

* More to come! Stay tuned for updates.

loves - Nicki