Friday, May 29, 2009

Etsy Progress Report

It has been about 1.5 months since I opened my Etsy Shop, Nikobee. Today I had my 5th sale... literally one month to the day that I had my first sale. I have some work to do on my shop (better photos) this weekend. I also have some yummy pink and green Merino to spin up, a custom order for my sister K.

I am also contributing to the Phat Fiber Sample Box for the first time in June. Be sure and check it out.
Our theme this month is "Oceanic".
I am contributing Superwash Merino that has been custom dyed in the "Whirling Tides" colorway. Some of my "Whirling Tides" samples might include some "Drift Wood" OR "Seaweed" :) I also have plans for one of my samples to have a hidden treasure inside it.

Have you ever gone to the beach and lost a "treasure"? Maybe it was a cherrished piece of jewelry...... a valuable trinket... or ???

maybe you found your LOST object among the "Whirling Tides", "Drift Wood", "Seaweed" OR while gazing at the "Coral Sunset" ...

One can only hope all is not LOST.

* A teaser of my Phat Fiber Contribution will be posted at
Be on the look out!