Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CP Soap Batch #2 - Vanilla Cinnamon Poppyseed Swirl

This is soap batch #2:
Vanilla - for the sent
Cinnamon - for the color
Poppyseed - for texture/exfoliation
Swirl - for making it really pretty!

This the first time I have tried coloring, and additive and swirling.
"They" say only try one new thing at a time.
I figured I could handle adding a little cinnamon AND making swirls.
I think I read that the color of the soap may change as it cures.
I hope it gets darker.

Ahhhh... and the lovely mess left behind. Just like baking!

My "M's" boss back from Paris

My boss "M" at "M's" came back from Paris today... well came back to work from being in Paris for the past week. She brought back the **sweetest** treat!

Macaroons from Laduree!
Evidently they are famous for their macaroons.
They decorate cakes with them and have a "champagne and macaroon bar" to boot!

The flavors were/are as follows:
Red: Raspberry *so amazing*
Brown1: Chocolate
Brown2: Chocolate
(I'm sure they were different chocolates but both equally amazing)
Yellow: Lemon
Cream: Vanilla
Turquoise: Lavender... yes I said Lavender. I did not finish this one. I can't eat lavender. lol

Who knew that Macaroons were so amazing?
Now I know!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cold Process Soap Making

So I decided I wanted to learn to make soap.

I started with a few things from Michaels only to be bored with the "melt and pour" method they sell supplies for.

I graduated quickly to Cold Process Soap Making.
This is the process that uses Lye.
I spent about a week hunting down all the oils and the Lye.
Evidently it is quite commonly used to make meth.

Darn those illegal drugs for making it difficult for me to craft!

I ended up buying the lye from a chemical distributor locally.

(if you happen to live in the DFW area and need lye give me a holler and we can work something out... maybe a trade? I have 50lbs... that will last me a lifetime of soap making)

Last night I made my first batch.

Tonight I cut it.

Now it gets to sit and "cure" for 4 weeks! ha
Guess I better get busy making soap for selling since it takes weeks to cure!

I did not add any color to the first batch but it is a yummy Coconut Lime scent.