Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My "M's" boss back from Paris

My boss "M" at "M's" came back from Paris today... well came back to work from being in Paris for the past week. She brought back the **sweetest** treat!

Macaroons from Laduree!
Evidently they are famous for their macaroons.
They decorate cakes with them and have a "champagne and macaroon bar" to boot!

The flavors were/are as follows:
Red: Raspberry *so amazing*
Brown1: Chocolate
Brown2: Chocolate
(I'm sure they were different chocolates but both equally amazing)
Yellow: Lemon
Cream: Vanilla
Turquoise: Lavender... yes I said Lavender. I did not finish this one. I can't eat lavender. lol

Who knew that Macaroons were so amazing?
Now I know!


Katherine said...

OK...those LOOK much better than you described!

Sarah said...

ohhhhh, those were just on one of the blogs I follow....mommyhood or something like that, and I thought they were colored oreo's!!! See how little I know....but how odd they were posted on two blogs I follow in the same day!!!
But on that note....do you think you could color oreo's?
Are they yummy?

Jill said...

Lavendar? Seriously? How bizarre! I guess I really don't know what macaroon are...

Blarney Girl said...

I'm the opposite of Kathy. The colors were putting me off until you described the flavors. And yeah, lavendar sounds disgusting!