Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CP Soap Batch #2 - Vanilla Cinnamon Poppyseed Swirl

This is soap batch #2:
Vanilla - for the sent
Cinnamon - for the color
Poppyseed - for texture/exfoliation
Swirl - for making it really pretty!

This the first time I have tried coloring, and additive and swirling.
"They" say only try one new thing at a time.
I figured I could handle adding a little cinnamon AND making swirls.
I think I read that the color of the soap may change as it cures.
I hope it gets darker.

Ahhhh... and the lovely mess left behind. Just like baking!


Sarah said...

ohhhh, I want some of that!!! It would sit well in my new tub!!!

FooFooBerry said...

Macaroons from Paris look to die for by the way. Good job on your soap.

I also use blogspot and this is the second time I've seen cutestblogontheblock used. Was it easy to integrate this into blogspot?

Jeanette said...

I bet the clean up smells yummy!